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10 Easy Ways How To Save Money in a Low Economy

How To Save Money could be one of the hardest things to accomplish especially when the economy is not getting any better. According to an article at US by DR, knowing How To Save Money should be as painless as possible. It should not bring big changes to your lifestyle. So how do you save money without badly affecting your life? Here are 10 easy ways:

Here are 10 Easy Ways How to Save Money in a Low 10 Easy Ways How to Save Money in a Low EconomyEconomy

1. Create a feasible budget plan – Take time to determine how much you and your family spends in a day and finally which items in your list are you willing to painlessly let go so you can know How To Save Money. This could be anything from using a high priced shampoo to buying pet food. Remember that everyone has to have their part in how to save so involve everyone in creating a budget plan

2. Bundle your services – Your telephone company may also offer high speed cable and landline or voice services and you can save so much when you bundle your services together. You will also less likely forget payment since you have one payment due date for all of these services.

3. Give up designer coffee – Coffee may be a huge part of your day but why not give up even just one or two cups a week? You will eventually find out that you can save close to $200 after a month which could be enough to pay for your cable and internet bills!

4. Recycle your clothes – By mixing and matching styles, you can end up saving so much from buying new clothes each time. If you are just starting to build your wardrobe, invest in versatile clothes like a functional black dress for women and a black jacket for men. Use different accessories to create a new look like belts, chunky jewelry, hats, scarves, footwear and so many more.

5. Plan your meals ahead of time – You tend to splurge when you do not have an idea what to eat for mealtime. If you closely take note of what to eat and plan ahead on the ingredients to use, you will end up saving money.

6. Have more bonding time with family – By going outdoors, biking, playing board games and doing sports, it could bond the family together and will also reduce electricity consumption at home.

7. Stay healthy and fit – If you are looking for ways to save money then you will save so much from buying medicines, supplements and trips to the doctor’s office when you take care of your health and stay fit.

8. Open your windows and let the light in – By simply drawing the curtains and opening your windows you can save so much on electricity and cooling bills.

9. Car pool with friends and family – You will save so much on gas and car maintenance and repair bills when you schedule a car pool activity with your family, friends and neighbors.

10. Grow your own food – Finally, you can save money from buying vegetables, fruits and herbs when you grow your own garden. If you have a large yard, why not grow fruit-bearing trees, tubers, herbs, spices and even raise poultry.

December 22, 2015

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