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3 Important Things You Should Do if You Really Want to Get Fit

By now, you might have been fed up with the tons of How to Get Fit topics all over the net. So no, this article is not going to teach you any regimen. Rather, this is about the grim reality of too much food indulgence.

According to some owners, the death care or funeral industry, has two peak seasons each year. The first is during the summer season, and the second is in December. But let’s talk about summer later on because that is still a few months to go. Instead, we should discuss about the present month. December is the holiday season when parties abound and family get-togethers are likely to be celebrated. Because of this, people tend to drink and eat much and more frequently, sometimes forgetting or foregoing to keep track any diet regimen. And what type of food is served during this season? Most often than not and wherever you look, you will find carbohydrates-filled meals, fatty foods, sweets, wines and more wines to flow over.

Because of this, many people, especially those who have existing health conditions are likely
to suffer from relapse, heart attack, or worse, death. And that would be tragic because you are supposed to be merry at Christmas. The reason this is happening is because of attitude. Yes, how many times do you hear someone say, “I only do this a few times… ”, or “I do this only today so I can’t be at risk”? Uh-oh! Some funeral owners say that most of their clients at this time are people who suffer from heart attack triggered by too much eating. You don’t want to be counted as one of their clients this time, do you?

So, let’s allow funeral home workers some days off this time, okay? We can do this by bearing in mind to get fit at all times, no matter what the season is. But in so doing, you should develop at least three important ways on how to get fit.

Here are 3 Things You Should Do if You Really Want to Get 3 Important Things You Should Do if You Really Want to Get FitFit

1. Establish the right attitude. It is useless to be doing vigorous exercises and cutting on food intake if you do not have the proper attitude for it. Remember that being fit is not a sprint that you can abandon by the time you have achieved your fitness goal. Rather, it is like a marathon, a continuous process that involves your lifestyle. It should be incorporated as part of your daily habit.

2. Commit and get yourself rewarded for it. To inspire you to focus on your goal, make a “contract” with yourself that once you have reached your goal, you are going to indulge on something you have been longing for quite some time, like getting yourself a luxurious spa treatment.

3. Keep a record of your progress. Another way to inspire you to move forward towards your fitness goal is to keep a journal of your progress, no matter how little it may be.

Before you go into your fitness regimen, however, be sure to consult with your doctor first and determine which type of program best suits you. You may also try some of these simple health tips that have worked on a considerable number of people, namely:

• Eat at least two pounds of vegetables daily
• Eeat small balanced meals throughout the day
• Never skip breakfast, and;
• Drink a lot of water everyday.

There are actually a thousand more tips to keep you fit, but none of them will be effective if you will not follow them religiously.

December 22, 2015

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