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4 Tips That Can Help You Stop Swearing

4 Tips That Can Help You Stop SwearingSwearing or cursing is one of the bad habits that we should really avoid. In most cases, people never realize that they are already doing it. They don’t care even if they swear in front of children. In fact, you can hear it almost everywhere. So if you want to stop swearing, it might be difficult at first.

Sad to say, swearing now appears to be normal and we can hear it in the movies and various TV shows. But no matter what you see and hear, you should not allow it to be a part of your daily life. Below are some tips that how to stop swearing.

Here are 4 Tips That Can Help You Stop Swearing

1. Identify the things that make you swear

Some people swear to relieve stress and tension. Others swear to release their anger and frustrations instead of being violent. Some instances when people usually cuss include being caught in traffic, or being in a hurry but realized that they forgot something. However, a lot of people drop the F-bomb as part of their humor. Once you know the things that make you swear, you’ll find it easier to control yourself.

2. Use a swear jar

A swear jar is like a piggy bank where you put a certain amount of money as a fine every time you swear. This kind of punishment can later serve as benefit because you are like saving money for future use. Remember that your main purpose is to stop swearing and not really to save money. If the amount is too light, you might think that you can easily pay the fine and you will not help you stop swearing.

3. Punish yourself

You can also impose physical punishment to yourself, such as snapping a rubber band on your wrist every time you utter those swear words. But make sure that the punishment is humane and that you will really punish yourself even if no one heard you cursing. However, it should be meant to discipline yourself and to remind you not to do it again, and not just to hurt.

4. Ask for help

If you feel that you really cannot stop your swearing habit on your own, you can ask advices from your family, friends, or even your spouse. They are the ones who can really influence you. You can also read articles online, especially those written by professionals and counselors. However, make sure that they can really influence you and not just for the purpose of trying to impress others that you want to change.

But above all, note that taming your tongue habits is not only for you. It can also teach you how to be role model to children. Swearing is truly a bad habit and children who can hear you say swearing words are likely to imitate you. It is also not good for your reputation, especially if your work requires talking to a lot of people.

December 22, 2015

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