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4 Great Reasons Why eBooks are Better than Printed Books

4 Great Reasons Why eBooks are Better than Printed BooksEbooks  or Electronic books are soft copies of actual books. These are available online and are downloaded by the user so that he could keep a copy. These may either be free to download or you need to purchase them on leading ebook sellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The popularity of eBooks has grown so much since the concerns about recycling and greening the environment were raised. This comes along with the rise of electronic readers, tablets, and mobile apps. There are actually many great reasons why you should read books online and can be better than reading printed books. Here are only five of them:

1. EBooks offer more than just the actual content

EBooks has additional learning material, besides the actual content. Some eBooks offer additional links to websites to support learning while there are those that provide tools to help readers with their learning. Just like science books, some eBooks also provide maps, charts, among others. You can also easily search for the meaning of the words that you don’t understand, thanks to the dictionary integration feature of some e-readers.

2. Easily accessible to people with viewing problems

You can increase the font size or enhance the background color to allow people with viewing problem to see the content well. This feature also helps seniors and people that have visual impairments. Some eBooks also have vibrant designs, colorful characters, and striking graphics, as compared to actual books.

3. Generally cheaper than printed books

Generally speaking, you can save money if you buy ebooks instead of printed books, although this issue is being debated for a long time. You are allowed to download the first chapter for free. This helps you easily decide as to whether that ebook is good or not. Yes, it is quite expensive to buy e-readers but it is only a one-shot spending. You can save money, as you go along buying ebooks.

4. Provide overall convenience

Obviously, you don’t need to bring tons of books anymore and helps you save spaces. Depending on the device, you can store hundreds of books in your library, memory stick, or in the cloud, and bring them wherever you go. In addition, you can also read in the dark, while putting your baby to sleep. Some hardbound books are heavy and can cause strain on your hand while reading.

While there are other advantages of reading ebooks, its main disadvantage is that you need power or batteries. Some people also feel that reading real books are more personal especially when you are turning the pages; you can also have it signed personally by the author and keep it forever.

The comparison between ebooks and real books can be endless, as both have their own pros and cons. Although technology has a huge promise of giving you more benefits of reading ebooks, it’s still your passion for reading that will win in the end.

December 22, 2015

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