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6 Great Ways to Have More Family Time

6 Great Ways to Have More Family TimeThese days when all of us are very busy with tons of daily activities; we always want to find ways to have more family time. Despite the fact that today’s technology helps us to communicate with each other wherever we are, there are still traditional ways to spend more time with your family. Below are some of them.

Here are 6 Great Ways to Have More Family Time

1. Join your kids during playtime

Whether you have toddlers playing with blocks or balls or you have school-age kids and teens playing with console video games, you can join them and have fun together. A lot of parents complain about their kids spending long hours playing video games, not realizing that it can also be a great bonding time. In fact, your kids can even teach you how to play these games. Playing the latest video games with your kids is truly one of the best ways to spend modern family time.

2. Have fun in outdoor activities

Go outdoors and make your family time be fun. Join your family in jogging, biking, swimming or simply walking in the park. This will not just help you bond with your family, you can also enjoy fresh air and exercise your body. Invite each family member to take part in the planning of your trip or short outdoor fun. Doing so can also help your family feel that they are being trusted.

3. Do overnight camping

Getting out of the house camping for a few nights outdoors with our family is not only a great way to bond with your kids; it can also teach them how to live with simple things in life. In addition, you can also teach them some basic survival skills and how to respect and take care of nature. Just make sure to plan for your trip wisely and never forget to take your camera with you.

4. Do home projects together

Involve your family in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) crafts. Nothing can keep a family together than doing home project together. You will spend hours just bonding with your family and have a memorable time creating something great at home. Among the DIY projects that you can do at home include repainting your home interiors, fixing and painting your fence, making your own vegetable garden, and making woodworking projects. If you involve your kids, you will also be able to develop you’re their creativity, ingenuity and self-discipline.

5. Enjoy music together

You can also your child’s love for music. Teens mostly have exceptional love for music and no two teens are alike. Your teen may love rock music, classical, R and B, pop songs, K-pop, J-pop or other musical genres, but he will surely appreciate it more if you spend time listening to his music even for a short period of time. You can also join her in watching concerts, buying music CDs, and in other activities related to her love for music.

6. Cook with them

Another great family bonding time is when you cook with them. Prepare dinner, host a backyard barbecue or bake for a bake sale. Your children will not only learn how to cook, they will also understand the value of different foods and the different utensils and cooking equipment to use. This will therefore enhance your child’s hidden talents in cooking and improve her skills that can help her in her career in the future.

December 22, 2015

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