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6 Bad Habits That Can Actually Be Good

6 Bad Habits That Can Actually Be GoodGenerally speaking, you should focus on breaking bad habits that you have been doing all these years. Everything that is taken abusively will bring no good, and can even affect others. However, you might not have realized this yet, but not all bad habits are really negative in nature.

There are some habits that we consider as bad, but can actually produce positive results as long as you know the limitations. Most of these so-called bad practices are part of our daily lives, but are really good habits provided that you don’t abuse them. Here six of them.

Here is a list of these habits

1. Gossiping

A lot of us love to gossip, this is our way to socialize with our friends and family. For us, this is also one way of greeting a friend or a family. Actually, gossiping is also a good way of extracting information from someone dear to you. This releases the good hormones that help you to be happy and shoo away bad vibes such as anxiety and stress.

2. Web surfing

Web surfing can be very addictive, especially if you are focus on playing games or chatting. People who consider it as bad have their own reasons; they don’t explore other possibilities of using the Internet in a better way. On the other hand, people who are into surfing have good future ahead of them as long as they only search for additional knowledge and skills.

3. Texting

Just like the Internet, many parents are complaining about their children being addicted to texting. Their kids no longer listen to them and neglect their studies, and spend more time in cellphones. Some adults also drive while texting, which cause road accidents. But in reality, texting is a good way to communicate fast and to share information in less time.

4. Act like a slob

Being a slob is not so likeable. But according to experts, acting like a slob once in awhile can also help you to be immune from germs. People who are too clean tend to be prone to sickness because their immune system is too weak. So, if you want to have stronger immune system, try to loosen up sometimes.

5. Fidgeting

Fidgeting or moving nervously or restlessly is considered as a bad habit, especially for women during a job interview. But according to a recent study in University of Roehampton in UK, this behavior helps men to feel more relax and tend to commit fewer mistakes while being interviewed for a job application.

6. Craving for chocolates

Chocolate craving is a favorite habit of many women. But many women stop eating chocolate because they think that it can cause them to gain weight. However, experts say eating around 2 ounces of dark chocolates everyday can actually help cut artery clog caused by LDL cholesterol. It is a good source of MUFA (Monounsaturated Fats).

At the end of the way, all good habits can turn into bad if you cross the line or don’t know how to do them properly.

December 22, 2015

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