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6 Effective Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

6 Effective Tips for Overcoming ProcrastinationHave you ever experienced talking to yourself? This is especially true during the times wherein you feel depressed and angry. Such mental debates can positively influence our actions as well as behaviors. Fortunately, if you will be able to become sensitive to your mind dialogues and you see patterns, you can do fruitful statements that can later on overcome and empowered several behaviors as well as emotions. How are you going to do this? Here are the 9 tips for overcoming procrastination that have proven effective.

Here are some Effective Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

1. Be familiar with the procrastinator’s motto

Create your own motto that will cross your mind many times. You can say something like ‘I will finish this certain task and should start doing this now.’ Such statement might be very simple, yet this will encourage you to do things. Many successful businessmen in the society have their own motto. Such motto is like their driving force to do things not just on time but ahead of time.

2. Always put in mind that you don’t need to do anything

Well, the words ‘I have to’ sounds like you are forced to do the thing and seem like you don’t have any choice but to do it. If you create a motto that sounds like you are forced to do something lets you feel disempowered, while if you chose the words I choose to do it or love to do it will make you feel like you really like or inspired.

3. Concentrate on how to start

The problem with people, they just love the idea of finishing a task but never done anything how to start. So, the fourth steps of defeating procrastination is to focus on how to begin and do it step by step the right way, then the rest will just follow.

4. Break down the long term task into shorter ones

We love the idea of seeing results, right? But together with that idea it will let us feel how difficult the task will be. We even think that we can’t do it. However, if you try to break down projects into shorter tasks it will be easier.

5. Never pressure yourself

Don’t stress yourself. Instead, do task wholeheartedly and always put in mind that at the end of everything many people would be very glad. We are not perfect. Thus, you need to stop yourself from thinking perfections. You can be great if you do well but you have to enjoy every moment.

6. Don’t be rude to yourself

Many people are getting depressed because they want things to be perfect according to their standards. Such mentality is not that bad just as long as everything is smooth sailing. However, if things were done differently and opposite to what is expected, depression comes in. To solve this problem, accept defeat and failures, and then move on.

Overcoming procrastination can be very difficult for closed-minded people, but is very easy if you think positive and you know how to discipline yourself. Once you already mastered the art on how to stop procrastinating, you will have more self-confidence in everything you. This is a big help to reach your goal, despite the challenges that will arise.

December 22, 2015

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