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Life Coach PDC was founded by Gary Archer CEO and co-founder Dennison Morgan COO of Best Awaken Media with the help of Gary's daughter Mary because we are excited about the power of life coaching that helps bring change to people's lives, mind, body, spirit, health, relationships, career, and business.

We honestly believe that people have the necessary tools for success there just a few life-changing steps away from actualizing their dreams. Life coaching guides us through life's journey to obtain the results we desire. This journey can be for someone that is new to life coaching, a long term supporter, a student, a life coach and/or instructor.

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A Good Mission Starts With A Vision

Imagine just for a moment... one community where you can Learn, Grow, and Share anything and everything related to personal development. A network of like-minded people inspiring one another. A place where only a positive path to self-growth is the agenda. No negative distractions like many of the popular social networks online. Pure focus, Pure learning, Pure growing, and Pure sharing for the purpose of common good. Now open your eyes because that place is here now right in front of you...

The vision for Life Coach PDC is to become the future Google of personal development. The go-to place for anything and everything related to growing one's life. A one-stop community consisting of coaches, students,  courses,  and products to improve one's life.

The problem in the life coach personal development industry

From a student's perspective seeking personal development can often be a challenge trying to find where to start. This can result in searching hours over the Internet and other sources through endless amounts of content until they become overwhelmed and disheartened and counterproductive.

From a coach's perspective, you can spend many hours developing coaching plans, course material, and endless marketing effort and time. Often what started out as a noble cause to be a successful coach help others grow often becomes the burnout.

Many times when a coach and student connect either through online media, local lectures, books, and courses they are often locked into one ideology fits all and neither grows as a result.

Simple Synergy Success (S3)

S3 is about Coaching, Students, Courses, Multiple Ideologies all in one place because everyone learns differently and there is never just one path to changing your life.

Here the student learns there are many different paths to each of our journeys. The idea of one ideology fits all is simply the distortion of reality. Here our goal is to facilitate many possibilities to personal development allowing students to take what works and leave behind what does not. This Community WILL NEVER Be A Set Of Ideas Created By One and instead one of Simple Synergy Success.

For coaches, it's about the synergy of complementing each other's philosophies, facilitating free thinking instead an "EGO" bound approach. Getting students in the mindset around the passion for personal growth.

Coaching process flows easier when you're not overwhelmed with spending all your time marketing finding clients and can focus on what you do best "coaching".

Coaches also have the ability to build highly interactive online classrooms with our state-of-art learning management system course development tools. The relationship that is built between the coach and the student results in faster short and long-term success. 

Our goal is to provide a higher quality time-saving experience for coaches to facilitate their knowledge to students that are seeking continual growth in their life.

As a current or future member of, it is now your time to think not just what you can change within your own life, but how you can positively impact and change another person's life. Life is not just what we take from this world, instead, what we give back to make the world a better place and solidify your legacy. 

GET involved and be active in creating blog posts around the topics of personal development. Take and create classes, ask and answer questions in the discussion forums to the best of your ability. Sometimes the simplest thing you can say can provide encouragement for another person's needs to help them along in their journey. Stop standing on the sidelines and get in the game.

Stop standing on the sidelines and get in the game TODAY!!!



Gary Archer [ Founder & CEO ]

    Gary Archer Life Coach in Tampa


Dennison Morgan [ Co-founder & COO ]

Mary Archer [ Digital Manager ]


About Life Coach PDC

We are a community that brings students, coaches, eLearning resources together all in one place. You don't have to spend your valuable time searching online all over. Instead we done all the work for you. Here you can find just about anything and everything to grow your life from courses, books, to audiobooks and much more.

#1 Personal Development Community On The Planet

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