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Career Change: How to Know If You’re Ready for It

Have you experienced at some points in your life when you felt like having a so-called professional dryness? When you felt that your career is not getting you anywhere? Don’t worry, it’s a normal behavior to want career change. Actually, it’s a healthy sign that your inner being is thirsting for more fulfillment. It could be that you are stagnating in your present situation and you want a fresher environment to work in. Or, you want to pursue a vocation your heart has been yearning all along.

Career Change: How to Know If You’re Ready for ItCareer Change: How to Know If You're Ready for It

Would a career change, then fill that professional dryness? If you feel that it’s time to search for a greener pasture, think twice first before deciding that you want it quits with your current job. Be sure that when you hand in your resignation letter, you are going to land on some-thing better; otherwise, you might only be jumping out from the frying pan and into the fire. Ask yourself some questions first whether or not getting a better job is the solution to what you are longing for.

Why do you want to have a new career? Be clear about why you want to have a career change. Is your current job not giving you enough satisfaction or room to grow professionally? Or, are you undervalued as an employee? Evaluate each of your reason(s) properly, explore all options, and most importantly, do not rush the process. Be open to the possibility that shifting to another job might not be the answer to your problem.

What kind of work do you really want to do? Now that you have already mapped out your reasons for leaving your current job, choosing a career is the next important thing that you should consider. What is the ideal job you think you would be happy about? Would you want to work in an environment that allows you more flexibility? When you’re considering a new career, make sure that it is something you are interested in. Remember that money is not all that matters in job shifting; for what value is your money if you are unhappy with your job! That would be tragic!

What are your skills, capabilities, interests, and values? Review your previous successful projects or roles in certain work assignments, and assess whether your core values and skills were addressed through your current employment. Determine whether you would want to continue working using your skills or you want to have a completely new experience. Once you know your capabilities, it will help you decide better.

Are you really ready to take the challenge? One thing that you should consider in changing a career is its impact on your family. Your new endeavor may require you to start from square one again. On this note, be sure to have some back up plans to support your dependents.

The right time to find a new career depends on your answers to the questions above. Once you rush things, you will definitely make the wrong decision and will regret it for the rest of your life. Being stuck with the same work you do for years in exchange of good salary can also be boring. But at the end of the way, it’s what makes you happy that matters most.

December 22, 2015

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