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Dream Marriage: Theme Ideas

Dream Marriage: Theme IdeasEvery woman dreams of walking down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams. Your wedding day is a very special moment in your life that needs intricate planning and going into details. Nowadays, you don’t need to spend a lot in order to make your wedding day memorable. It’s all about your creativity and resourcefulness to come up with a unique theme. Make sure that you consider you and your fiancé’s interest to come up with a theme. Aim for a celebration and exchange of vows that will represent both of you. You should have a unique wedding plan that will make your guest go “Wow”. To give you an idea of what your dream marriage will look like, here are some unique and creative themes for your wedding.

Here are some unique and creative themes for your Dream Marriage

Bohemian Themed Wedding

Assess your characteristic as a couple and if you have this artistic and carefree personality, then the Boho theme will suit you well. The ideal place to hold your wedding is in the countryside in a rustic structure (or outdoors if you want). For the bride, choose long and flowing dress that and add natural flowers to it. You can wear floral crowns while your bridesmaids can wear a simple but elegant dress. Fill the venue with dream catchers, feathers, colored bottles and artistic prints that will make it bold. It all boils down to your creativity, think uniquely as possible so that the visitors will never forget about your wedding day.

Superhero Themed Wedding

Be a superhero on your wedding day! There are couples who love action figures and superheroes and this is your time to act who you always wanted to be. You can adjust and make your gown classy and resemble a hero’s costume. If you are humorous enough, you can turn your wedding day into a costume and parade of hero’s event. And you can even invite some villains if you want. Not everyone has the freedom to make their dream marriage like this.

Travel Themed Wedding

For outdoor/ backpacker couples, this theme is for you. You can turn your wedding invites into a map and go into details as if the guests are going to be involved in a great adventure until your wedding day. Fill your venue with trunks, bags, maps, traveling devices and accessories. You can highlight the places where you have travelled together or where you want to travel. Decorate the tables with flags and landmarks. Although this theme needs detailed attention because you have to consider and go through the steps of traveling and make your visitors experience it. If you plan carefully for this theme, you will definitely achieve your dream marriage.


Nature Themed Wedding

A nature theme is quite common but you can make it unique by putting the venue in a place that will give you a forest vibe. Fill the place with wood and green decorations. You can place pines and flowers in the centerpiece. Come up with a common nature theme that can give justice to the wedding. If you are advocates of taking care of nature, you can even make your wedding informative.

December 22, 2015

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