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How to Get Six Pack Abs for Men and Women

Six Pack Abs for Men and WomenAiming to get six pack abs is one of the most popular fitness goals for men and also for women. Although it is also considered as one of the most difficult ones, it is definitely attainable. It requires not just exercise but the right diet and a total lifestyle overhaul.

You may have also heard about a special workout called the six pack abs workout developed to get a sculptured midsection. It is a workout plan that can be completed in 8 weeks and is composed of exercises that are known to improve your muscle tone.

Start your six pack abs training today

The exercise routines

The routines used are made of rowing exercises, side crunches and hip flexes. The abdominal area is not just one single muscle; it is composed of several muscles that work together to cover and protect the abdominal cavity. It is said that a combination of these exercise routines will help develop the midsection in no time because they can burn fat, tone the different muscle groups especially the oblique muscles, and strengthen the hip and the lower abdominal muscles. But besides doing these exercises on a regular basis, you should also do some cardio exercises along with them.


Using Pilates positions will aid in strengthening your core muscles, wherein you can also improve your muscle tone and control. If you work out in a gym, use the elliptical machine for about 30 minutes. Then, use Pilates positions like the jack knife which will crunch the abdominal together; this will also stabilize your back and will help strengthen your abdominal to prevent injury to the muscles as you go over your workout routines.

Outdoor exercises

To make sure that you get six pack abs, you must also improve your overall fitness and strength. Combine your routines with about 30 minutes of running and leg lifts. You can also do some swimming routines or ride a bike, as these activities can also help improve muscle tone through resistance.

Using gym and exercise equipment at home

You should strive to workout at home and not just in the gym. Using a stationary bike would be great since you will be able to control resistance levels easily. You will also be able to work out towards your goal even when the weather is not good. Another exercise tool that you absolutely need is an exercise ball. Use it in performing different routines like twists and sit ups. A treadmill will also help trim you down and can increase your resistance levels as well.

Important points to remember

Learning how to get six pack abs can be very difficult, especially during the first two weeks, so do not force yourself too much. If there is pain or any discomfort while doing any of these routines, stop and take a rest. But don’t forget to take a lot of rest periods in between and have adequate sleep every night. Muscle tissues and cells regenerate when we are at rest and thus the body needs adequate amounts of rest to build larger and trimmer muscles. You should also consult a dietician before entering any kind of diet routine.

December 22, 2015

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