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How Not To Fall For Another Woman

How Not To Fall For Another WomanGetting married with the girl of your dreams could be the best thing in the world. As your bride walks down the aisle, it is very easy to imagine how hard you have tried in winning her heart. You excitedly say your marriage vows and you might even have said those words with teary eyes. Now that your married to her, it seems that you could not ask for anything more else. But it is really like that?Well, at some point in married man’s life, there is a very big chance that he gets attracted to another woman.

If you have been married for a while, there might have been a time when you find one woman – your secretary, an office-mate, a long-time friend, or even a woman at the bust station, to be very attractive.

Well, it is normal to get attracted to beautiful women. But as a married man, it is very important to shrug that feeling off. Remember your marriage vows? Do you remember vowing to love your wife? Do you remember chanting the terms “in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and till death do you part?” It is your duty to fulfill those vows.

But what happens if you fall in love or get really, madly attractive to another woman that you simply could not get a hold of yourself?

Here are useful tips on How Not To Fall For Another Woman:

Re-love your wife again

If you find yourself falling with another woman, then there must be something wrong with your love. It could have been that you have what other people term as “fallen out of love.” So ask yourself – “Do I still love my wife?” If you answered “yes,” then you might want to love her more. If you answered “no,” then you could try re-loving her again. Learn to appreciate her beauty and her character. Appreciate her in every aspect that you could think of. You might want to start dating her again. Talk to her and know more about her.  Remembering your marriage vows and even saying them all over again could help.

Settle any differences

One reason why your relationship with your wife is not that good is maybe because there are a number of differences that need to be settled. Are there conflicts that need to be resolved? Are there words that have been left unsaid? Or are there words that were inappropriately said? Well, it is ideal to resolve such conflicts. This would eliminate any false sense of falling for other women. And as you settle differences, you might end up making your relationship stronger. Remember that lasting and healthy relationships withstand the test of time.

Satisfy your sexual cravings

One of the basic reasons why men think they fall for other women is lust. Feeling lustful is natural. Lust does not only force men to think that they are falling in love. In fact, lust is the number one cause of adultery and adultery is very common nowadays. If you think you are madly in love with another that might not be love at all. What you should do is to simply satisfy your sexual cravings. Like the first tip above, you should re-love your wife, but this time, at a physical way.

December 22, 2015

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