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How To Make New Friends

How To Make New FriendsMaking new friends has many aspects of life, friends are great influence. Friends can either make us good or bad; successful or miserable. This is why you should know how to carefully make new friends, especially if you want to make new friends.

However, not many of us keep our friends close to us, especially if some of them are having their own families or work far from us. As we grow older, we tend to get lazy to find new friends. Worst, we now don’t know how to make new ones. Here are some of the instances when you can find them.

• You lost a job and you feel depressed
• You change residency and you’re a total stranger on that place
• You lost a partner and you need someone to console you
• Some of your friends passed away or are living far from you
• You need someone who can truly understand your feelings

Steps On How To Make New Friends

What is the difference between friends and acquaintance?

Basically, friends are people whom we can share our secrets with or to whom we can confide our problems. Friends are actually closer to our hearts and we usually consider them as part of our family. Moreover, such people are those who never get tired of listening to our worries and problems. On the other hand, acquaintance is just someone you talk with but not that requirement to socialize with. Such relationship never go beyond or never progress, unlike friendship that can somehow develop into a deeper relationship.

Characteristics of good friends

Having no new friends is one of the reasons why some of us choose to be with bad people and consider them as friends. Real friends will never put you into trouble but instead will care about your well-being. A friend material is someone who would treat you as family member and will change you to become a better person, and will not put you in a miserable life. We cannot deny the fact that true friends nowadays are hard to find. So be careful, some people will consider you as their friends because if you have money or they need something from you.

If there are some people trying to control your emotions and will give you advices that can hurt you or others, you can turn into a bad person without your knowledge. You may even lose your own identity because that they can influence you. If you feel that it is starting to happen, avoid them at once before it is too late. Be smart and don’t ever fall on under their spell.
How to make new friends?

You can start by joining a social group that has good purpose in the society. Try to attend social gatherings where you can meet the friends of your friends. In doing so, you will also know if you really chose the right people to be friends with. Don’t be desperate when making new friends, especially if you are happy doing things alone. But don’t worry, you will meet people along the way whom you can trust and can be your true friend, whatever happens.

December 22, 2015

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