Gary Archer


The creator of and a deep thinking philosophical intellectual simple kind of guy that enjoys conversations around personal development, Universe, life in general so holding a decent conversation is important to me. I am also a very proud father of a beautiful responsible mature daughter that I love more every day. I have always been very passionate about my work and enjoy coaching and watching people grow as a result for as long as I can remember.


Spiritual Teacher and Law of Attraction Life Coach…  Here a some of my own courses here on the site.







Gary Archer with over 20 years experience is CEO of Best Awaken Media and interim Chief Digital Officer of the digital strategy division, As head of digital strategy, Mr. Archer’s focus and passion is the expansion of online eLearning virtual training platform across multiple personal development and self-help Mind Body Spirit coaching industries and select professional development virtual training.


Best Awaken Media aka BAM..! efforts are across all aspects of the technology and digital sectors, bringing innovative opportunities to BAM and its clients, including the creation of new business and investments with long-term benefits. Mr. Archer says The self improvement industry is estimated to be worth $11 billion a year in the United States alone and expected growth to over $16 billion over the next few years. Online learning, also known as e-learning, is booming. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projects it will reach $107 Billion in 2015. We intend to leverage the best of online learning with personal development.


Prior to founding Best Awaken Media, Mr. Archer served as Chief Executive Officer for Seek and Sell Online an Automotive Lead Generation company where he developed top industry relationships and created digital marketing strategies that produced as much as 20k unique visitors a day and over 250k high quality converting leads resulting in over $125 Million in gross sales over 12 year span for big brands like, Autobytel, Detroit Trading, Autonation, Dealix and more.


Mr. Archer also held a Senior Information Management Executive role for a leading global wireless telecom infrastructure tower company American Tower. His vision and efforts for this start-up leveraging technology and consolidation of multiple IT organizations from company mergers & acquisitions. helped support and position American Tower’s successful growth.


Mr. Archer began his career leading as Senior Manager for a start-up wireless telecommunication company PrimeCo PCS that later became known brand Verizon Wireless and was responsible for build-out and management of the Southeast Regional Headquarters IT Operations.


At the end of the day Mr. Archer is accomplishing what he calls The 5 P’s of success.


Plan: A strategic plan that differentiates our business from our competitors and builds a unique vision that sets the bar.


People: Provide a community for students growing various parts of their life with coaches focused on what they do instead of never-ending exhausting marketing.


Process: Streamline and automate as much as possible for a great experience for both community students and coaches.


Paradigm: Create a paradigm shift a new way we think about how we learn online and grow. Equally important is how we do business with others and value of all relationships around us.


Profit: Have generous shared profits with various coaches so we attract only the best that are passionate and committed to their work for a win win relationship with longevity resulting in higher company profits as a result of higher talent and commitment.