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The Secrets of Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

The Secrets of Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

The Cymatics and Sacred Geometry film you are about see has no characters. If you spare a little bit of your imaginations it is a film to describe to you the effect of Cymatic Frequencies on Matter. You may ask yourself what is all this about? Friend this is simple and yet so very complex. Humans are very rapidly learning more and more each day about our very existence. Time to ponder a bit everything owes its existence solely and completely through sound energy vibration and are consistent with Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry sometimes refereed to as the flower of life involves an understanding of ancient wisdom sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality. Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible, typically on the surface of a plate, diaphragm or membrane.

In my early 20’s I owned a stereo shop for 5 years and always found myself attracted to how sound made me feel even working with frequency sound generators from the very low frequencies to the ultra high ones. There was always this interesting state of being that just could not be explained depending on music playing that seem to shift consciousness and take me into another state of being. While other people my age were out doing drugs I had no use for any of that. I was doing more productive things with my life working hard and my high was this sound energy naturally finding the perfect acoustical resonance of any given project I was working on. The younger me was just enjoying life and now the older me understands more about just what that feeling was.

The very building blocks of life come from this vibration. The higher the frequency the more complex cell formation will become thus we are vibration beings created cell by cell gives rise to more complex structures. If one studies Sacred Geometry we find that the ancients actually knew this long before we did. As an extension of source energy aka God our soul holds these particles together to form the body to take us through our human journey.

The mind has to be awakened to understand this level of thinking. For example if one has a golf ball size consciousness one can read a book and have a golf ball size understanding. However, if one has a basketball size consciousness and reads the same book then one will have a much larger understanding of the same book. You may be thinking what does all this have to do with personal development? It has everything in the world to do with it because our  vibration energy is directly proportionate to how we are mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

If you want more love, happiness and abundance in your life you must tune into it. We are indeed part of a much larger organism and we can see this more clearly through a greater understanding of Cymatics and Sacred Geometry. One must practice having a positive mindset around anything that we desire with intense focus.  For it is this focus that creates the vibration that manifest what our desires are. If you spend time around negative people and situations you will get more of the same as a result of vibration. If you spend more time around groups of people that are more positive in vibrational frequencynature you find yourself feeling happier and accomplishing your true potential.

We many times find people that seem to be accomplished on the outside with material things like great jobs, money, cars, houses, extra wives…lol and yet they clearly are not happy, have no true love in their lives. The answer is once again vibration. What we do not know unless we peel back the layers within their mind is what they are thinking throughout their day and how they are treating other people around them. Now everyone is entitled to be human and have a bad day. But the consistency vibration energy that one projects will be the result of who this person is.

The higher vibration, the higher to ultimate consciousness that leads to higher understanding of the world around us.  Lower level vibration thinking are things like anger, fear, guilt and shame. While higher level vibrations are acceptance, love, joy and peace.

Do you want to attract more positive things and people into your life? Then it starts with not what you want but instead what you can give because vibrational energy creates that start of that reciprocation of a wave of energy you put out coming right back. Stop judging and do more loving.  Make others happy and watch what comes back to you. Don’t practice this every now and then. Be passionate about it and practice it daily remember that focus we talked about. Wherever your core focus is this will be your future.

Brainwave Binaural Beats, isochronic tones, and monaural tones and even the discovery that listening to Mozart can raise your IQ to clinical trials showing that music can improve your memory, regulate vital signs like your heart rate and blood pressure, and direct your mental and physical energy levels throughout the day, science continues to reveal music’s ability to significantly affect us in our daily lives…

Binaural Beats

Power is gained through sharing knowledge and not by hording it. Feel free to leave your comments below and share this post I would love to hear from you and others.

The Cymatics and Sacred Geometry film you are about see has no characters. If you spare a little bit of your imaginations it is a film to describe to you the effect of Cymatic Frequencies on Matter.
January 23, 2016

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