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The Top 3 Do’s In Asking A Girl Out

The Top 3 Do’s In Asking A Girl OutAs boys grow up to become young men, they start to get attracted to their opposite gender even more. Boys who used to be content just by having crushes desire to spend more time with them.  There would come a point in a young man’s life when he would want to ask another young woman out for a date. Are you planning on asking a girl out?

Here are some dating tips that you might want to write down on asking a girl out:

Do ask her personally

When asking a girl out, especially for the first time, it is very practical to ask her out personally. It is not advisable to ask her through texting or even through a letter no matter how romantic that might sound. If you personally ask her out, she would be able to hear your voice and you will be able to hear hers. Misunderstanding would be avoided.

No huge amount of dating tips might be able to make you very confident for a moment like this. If you are too shy and you could not ask her out face to face, the best thing to do is to simply call her. When she answers the phone, do say “Guess who?” That would not only be creepy but very rude. Remember telephone courtesy and act like a gentleman. Say your name right away. If somebody aside from her answers the phone, clearly tell them who you are and then respectfully ask for the girl you wish to date.

Do prepare for her answer

When you ask a girl out, there is no guarantee that she would agree to go out with you. You can know all types of relationship advice in the world but there will always be a chance of refusal. Most of the time, girls simply ask for some time to think about their answer. Well, if you plan to ask a girl out, it is very important to be prepared for that heartbreaking “No.” Getting turned down is normal. If she disagrees to go out with you, you do not have to storm out or even ask her why her answer is like that. Never induce guilt in her. Thank her for her answer and bid her goodbye to avoid any awkward moments.

Do give clear details

It is very important to give clear details on a date. Be sure to tell her what you plan for the date, where do you intend to take her, what time you will pick her up, and what time you will bring her back. Most likely, she would have to ask permission from her parents and they might not allow their daughter to go out with some mysterious guy who do not even want to tell where he plans to take their daughter. You should also tell her where you intend to take her so that she would know how to dress appropriately.

Asking a girl out can be very hard. You do not want to mess everything up. Remember these important do’s whenever you find a girl that you would wish to date. If you follow these dating tips, there is a very big chance that the girl would be impressed.


December 22, 2015

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