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Top 28 New Years Resolutions 2016 Tips

Every time a year ends, almost all of us make their own list of New Years Resolutions. Most of them are old and you may have included them in your list in past years. On the other hand, there are new ones that are more applicable for the new year where almost everything is becoming digital.

According to a 2007 study, 88% out of the 3,000 participants failed in their New Years Resolutions. In another study, only 64% of those resolutions are maintained one month after the year starts. Despite having different reasons for not being successful, it’s always nice to have a list.

For this year 2016, here are the top 20 New Years Resolutions that we have collected, along with some tips how you can achieve them. Most of them are about bad habits that many of us may consider changing before it will be too late. Others are on overall personal development.

1. Lose weight – Most likely, you are among those who include this on their list every year but still fail. Yes, you can find tons of ways to lose weight. Some of them are free, while others require spending huge amount of money. Either way, it’s all about determination and self-control.New Years Resolutions list

2. Getting fit – Unfortunately, a lot of people think they are already physically fit once they lose weight. You see, being fit is not just about eating and doing some exercises. It is also about having the right attitude and committing yourself to your goal.

3. Maintain six-pack abs – There are a lot of workouts and routines that you can try. You can either go to the gym or you can buy your equipment that you can use at home. However, maintaining a six-pack abs requires you to have a dedicated time.

4. Eating healthy food – With so many attractive junk foods around, it is really hard to eat healthy food all the time. But contrary to what you might think, healthy eating is not really expensive. In fact, it is much cheaper than buying unhealthy foods.

5. Quit drinking – The first thing that you should do to stop your drinking problems is to accept the fact that you are already addicted to liquor. To help you out, you should know the signs of alcoholism and check if you already have them. Go to a doctor, if necessary.

6. Quit smoking – Smoking is a habit that’s very to break. But while some people would say that e-cigarettes can be a good alternative, it is still subject of debates. So far, the best way to stop smoking is to think about its health benefits and the money that you can save.

7. Walk more – Walking is part of our daily lives, but sometimes we try to avoid it because we don’t want to sweat and get tired. But besides that it is a free exercise, it has health benefits more than you can imagine. So go ahead, don’t use escalators, and take a good walk in the park.

8. Trying a new hairstyle – This is very true for most women, as they are more conscious than men in terms of hair. There is actually nothing wrong with it, as it allows you to show your own identity. But before trying one, make sure that you look good at it.

9. Getting out of debt – Most people would say that poverty is the main reason of getting buried with debt. But then, even rich people also have debts, and sometimes even bigger. Therefore, it’s all about money management and knowing your priorities in spending.

10. Saving money – The best way to save money is to spend it wisely. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it even it is being sold for the lowest price. Instead, buy only those that you can treat as investment. Know the difference between needs and wants.

11. Making more money – Generally speaking, there are two ways to make extra money. You can either divide your time or you multiply yourself. These days, you can easily sell something online or offer a service. But no matter how you do it, you need to be patient in learning more skills.

12. Change your career – Career change is not for everyone, especially if you are satisfied with your job. But sometimes, you think you need another career in search for a greener pasture and it is not bad. However, you should know your capabilities. Also, do only the things that make you happy.

13. Get a higher education – Never use poverty and lack of time as excuses for not getting higher education. Think of it as an investment not only for your own future, but also for the future of your family. Besides having a good attitude, it is also a great medium for receiving more respect.

14. Managing your stress – Stress in inevitable in life, but you can find ways on how you can manage it. One effective way to fight stress is to have a good sense of humor. Always find something to smile about, instead of being depressed with something that you cannot control.

15. Practice meditation – Meditation is one relaxing activity that most people ignore, but should be tried. Contrary to what you may have known, meditating is not only for Buddhists. No matter which religion you belong to, it can help you ease your mind and spirit, and heal your body as well.

16. Overcoming procrastination – While a lot of people connect it to laziness, it is not always true. Sometimes, it is also related to psychological problems and should be treated. But first, you should know to control your fear of failing. You can also pause for a while and create a plan.

17. Spend more time with family – Having more quality with your family requires planning and time management. You can start by not bringing your work at home so that you focus on your bonding moments. Time flies so fast, especially if you have little children.

18. Show your love more – For some reasons, you seem to be afraid to express your love either to your partner or family members. This year, it’s time to make up. Don’t hesitate to show how much you love them. Forgive them for their shortcomings and make them feel that you still trust them.

19. Planing a trip – Traveling to a place far from your home may cost you money, but it’s definitely worth spending. Just make sure that you plan everything, not only for the place that you will visit, but also for those who will look for you at home. Otherwise, you’ll never enjoy your trip.

20. Learn something new – Internet has becoming a good source of new information, so better use this as an advantage. Besides books and attending seminars, you can also use Google or other search engines to learn new techniques and simpler ways on doing things.

21. Learn from famous people – You can also read real-life stories of famous people and learn from them. The lives of successful personalities can inspire you a lot. Understanding their struggles and failures will tell you that there is always hope.

22. Making new friends – It’s always fun to meet new friends whom you can laugh with and to run to in case if you need a shoulder to cry one. In these times of social media, you can easily meet them. But real friends are hard to find, so be very careful before you trust them.

23. Cutting toxic people out of your life – There are some people who we thought are friends, but actually are toxic. They’ll do everything to influence your decisions, damage your character, and ruin your life. This early, you should know who they are and how to get rid of them for good.

24. Stop swearing – Swearing or cursing seems to be getting normal to everyone these days. But don’t think that just because you hear in the movies, you can also do it, especially in front of children. To control your swearing, think of alternative things that you can say when you’re disappointed.

25. Read ebooks – Ebooks may not replace your traditional printed books, but are still worth trying. Besides being available at very affordable prices, e-readers are getting more handy and simpler to use. They also have links to other reading materials and are integrated with dictionaries.

26. Listening to audio books – Just like ebooks, there are a lot of educational audio books to choose from. Although many parents buy them for their kids, you can also find the right ones for you. These days when technology innovates faster than we can think, don’t allow yourself to be left behind.

27. Volunteering – Helping others unselfishly shows that you are a kind person. If you have the chance to volunteer in your community or to a place where help is much needed, then do it. You might be surprise that you can even learn a lot from volunteering.

28. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – These 3 Rs are very important to our Mother Nature. Make sure you participate in environment-friendly activities. You don’t actually have to spend a lot of money; you can even start at home or in your office. Note that we only have one Earth, and we have to protect it.

December 22, 2015

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Profile photo of Julio E. Moisa
Julio E. Moisa
3 years 2 months ago

Hi Gary!

They all are good resolutions.

So many may be be overwhelming.

I suppose the idea is for me to choose the ones I think fit my life vision.


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